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Cold War Use

The life-span of the Regional War Rooms appears to have been quite short, though details are unknown. By the time that most of the purpose-built structures were nearing completion in 1955-6, the advent of nuclear weapons had led to an enormous change in the perception of the threat posed by […]

August 15th 1940

Many thanks to Brian Pears for allowing us to reproduce his account of this momentous day. See http://www.ne-diary.bpears.org.uk/index.html for a fascinating North East War Diary. Thursday, 15th August 1940 D348Today was probably the most significant day in the Battle of Britain as far as the north-east is concerned. That is […]


The bunker was built in 1938 – 1939 at what was Kenton Quarry, and under the Dowding System of air defence became the headquarters of No 13 Group Fighter Command, which stretched from Humberside to The north of Scotland, including Northern Ireland. Commanded by Air Vice-Marshal Richard Saul, the bunker […]